Lotusland, Santa Barbara

Madame Ganna Walska, a well-known Polish opera singer and socialite, purchased the estate in 1941 and spent the next 43 years creating Lotusland. The spectacular collections of exotic plants throughout the 37-acre property are a very personal expression of Walska’s penchant for the dramatic, the unexpected, and the whimsical. After her death in 1984, Lotusland became a nonprofit botanical garden and opened to the public in 1993.

Lotusland’s outstanding educational programs serve the local community and its innovative horticultural practices are shared with botanic gardens and garden-lovers around the world.


Because Lotusland is a public garden operating in a private, residential neighborhood, reservations are required. To schedule a visit, please call our Visitor Services office at 805-969-9990, between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 1 PM, Saturday.