Carpinteria Seals 1

Carpinteria Seal Rookery

Possibly one of the best sights in Carpinteria – the Harbor Seal Rookery! Every winter the harbor seals take shelter on the Carpinteria beach to give birth to their cubs and warm up on the beach. Since the cubs aren’t born with a protective layer of fat, they collect heat by laying out in the sun during the winter months. The harbor seals consider the beach their home from December until May, so the beach is closed during that time, but you can still see them from a bench positioned directly above the rookery.

To get there: 101 South to Bailard Avenue. Turn right and the road dead ends into a parking lot. There are trails going down toward the ocean, over the railroad tracks and a little farther East toward the rookery. Once you see the sign with some information about the seals, you’ll see benches and ropes that guide the way.

Carpinteria, California

Carpinteria Seal Rookery

Carpinteria Seal Rookery


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