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Wine Of The Week: 2009 Paring Pinot Noir

Wine of the Week: 2009 Paring Pinot Noir

Welcome to Week 2 of our “Wine of the Week” segment!

This week’s pick: The 2009 Paring Pinot Noir. I’ve previously had this pinot at a couple local restaurants, but this is the first time I’ve ever made an effort to pay attention to its rich and complex flavors.

To start, the nose is a completely inoffensive and delicious cherry scent – which is a fairly standard aroma, but was a blessing after my share of brett-nasty wines this week! The bright cherry nose paves the way for the hard candy flavor that dominates the palate before finishing off with a nice woody aftertaste. The hard candy and acidic nature of this wine are predominate Santa Rita Hills traits, which are traits I’ve come to know and love!

Overall: great wine for the price. I’ll definitely bust this out for casual get-togethers to sip on and share with friends!

$26.99 at Winehound – or buy online here.

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