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Things To Do In Santa Barbara When It Rains

Things to do in Santa Barbara When it Rains

It’s the rainy season again in Santa Barbara! Living in a city that averages over 300 days of sunshine, the couple days of rain that we do get are always a welcome thrill. In case you’re completely lost without the sun, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some quirky & fun rainy day adventures that are sure to bring a little sunshine back into your life.


Salt Cave Santa Barbara


Probably the most chic thing to hit Santa Barbara in the last 5 years and therapeutic to boot! Salt is the perfect place to duck in out of the rain and chill in an underground salt cave. You can either sit in a zero gravity chair to absorb the negative ions through your lungs and body or go VIP and book a massage to really enhance the experience.

740 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Santa Barbara Zoo

Go to the Zoo

Straight from the Zoo’s mouth – Don’t hesitate to go on a rainy day: the animals are out in the rain and they love it! Take an umbrella and stroll the grounds, you’re likely to have the place to yourself!

500 Ninos Dr
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) 962-5339

Santa Barbara Storm Shoreline

Santa Barbara Storm Shoreline

Take a Beach Walk

Since most of our storms come from the west, the sea is usually more wild and torrential when it rains. You can arrive at a regularly visited beach and find a whole new landscape compared to the usual sunshine-covered everything. Boats are tossed ashore, the tide is high, the water is choppy – it’s a rare sight for visitors and locals alike!

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Wine &/or Beer Tasting

Santa Barbara’s tasting rooms are popular and plentiful. So plentiful, in fact, that we have entire sections dedicated to them. You can find out more about local wine tasting here and beer tasting here.

Unsolicited favorites include the view from Deep Sea’s tasting room, Au Bon Climat’s Chardonnays, Margerum’s M5 and the Burger Bus pairings at Muni.

The Painted Cabernet

The Painted Cabernet

The Painted Cabernet

A little painting, a little wine, a whole lot of fun! Local Santa Barbara wine paired with Santa Barbara scenes (and other artsy choices) to paint on weekend afternoons and most evenings.

The Painted Cabernet
1229 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 963-9979

Stella Mare's Santa Barbara

Stella Mare’s, Santa Barbara

Cozy Up By a Fire

One of the best ways to beat the cold &/or rain is by cozying up next to a warm fireplace. Check out our list of the Top 10 Restaurants in Santa Barbara with Fireplaces and then go enjoy a nice warm, romantic dinner next to a fire.

Zodos Bowling, Santa Barbara

Zodo’s Bowling, Santa Barbara

Other entertaining indoor activities:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • Ty Warner’s Sea Center
  • Bowling at Zodo’s
  • Going to the Movies


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